Legend of Zelda Link Color Blanks Figure

Legend of Zelda Link Color Blanks Figure

Though certainly not one of my best creations, this Legend of Zelda Link figure is one of my favorite Color Blanks that I worked on. I have been following the Legend of Zelda Nintendo game series since I was a kid and I’m always looking forward to the new games that keep coming out. I modeled this particular Color Blanks figure after the Link in the Wind Waker game that came out for Nintendo Game Cube.

Rose Art has a Color Blanks figure that has a sort of marshmallow head and I use that version as it seemed as a good fit for the model. On this particular one I use those googly eyes that you can purchase in bags so the eyes actually move if you tilt the figure in different directions.

TLOZ link colorblank figure Legend of Zelda Link Color Blanks Figure

The Legend of Zelda Link Color Blanks figure

The shield, sword, hair, hat and pretty much all other external pieces are made from polymer clay. Everything else was a mixture of acrylic paint, micron pens and Sharpies.

In the future I would like to do some other versions of Link  like the one from the original Legend of Zelda game and maybe one from Twilight Princess as these Link characters look distinctly different through the series. There is also now a Skyward Sword figure to tackle!

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Hi, I was looking into doing color blanks and adding clay to the mixture. I had an awesome idea and it was coming out great, but when I woke up the next morning it had cracked and broke apart. I unfortunately used crayola air dry clay and I guess thats not the desired mix. If you could please give me some pointers on what type of clay I should be using that would make my day.


Hey Travis, I use polymer clay. One of the most popular brands is sculpey. There is also super sculpey which is a bit more expensive but seems to be easier to do fine details. The trick here is that sculpey needs to be baked. Some items can be baked and glued on but if you are looking to modify the figure itself it is easiest to mold the sculpey right on. The hard part is not melting the figure.

Sculpey is supposed to be baked at 275 but I will bake at about 240 for longer than recommended to get my color blanks to hold up to the heat. You will need to experiment with this though because each oven is different.

The head and torso seem to old up to the heat best. I also take apart my figures before I sculpt and bake them.

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