Hi there! Thank you for visiting. There are many free graphics and downloads on the site. Maybe you are looking for something custom for your party, event or project. check out some of the services below I am currently offering. More services coming soon!

Pixel to vector art Conversion

Do you have pixel sprites or small pixel art that you wish were vectors for large scale printing. I can convert them. I love pixel art and love to have pixel art printed large for posters or in party themes. If you need me to convert pixel art into vectors for your party check out my pixel to vector art service.

Pixel to Vector service

HaleGrafx Email Delivery Service

Do you need help downloading printables. Would you rather have the convenience of having my printables sent to you. You can select printables of your choice and have them emailed to you. Check out more details of my email delivery service here: HaleGrafx Email Delivery Service.

Halegrafx printables emailed to you