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FREE Printable Halloween LEGO Zombie Posters

Here is a free set of printable Halloween themed LEGO Zombie posters. Use them for decorating on Halloween and Halloween Parties! These Halloween posters have silhouetted LEGO zombie minifigures creepily wandering toward you. The posters say “Happy Halloween” and come in 3 different colors. These LEGO Zombie poster printables are approximately 8 x 10.5 inches

FREE Printable LEGO St. Patrick’s Day Card

Wish your friends a happy St. Patrick’s Day with LEGO. This is a FREE Printable LEGO St. Patrick’s Day LEGO Card with a cute little Leprechaun minifigure and LEGO studs for gold Just download, print, cut out and share with a friend or family member.When I designed this card, I made the minifigure to look

FREE Printable LEGO Zombie Birthday Invitation Set

The LEGO zombies are coming to eat your Minifigures. This free printable LEGO Zombie invitation set has a horde of undead minifigures heading toward you like they are from the Walking Dead. These invitations say “It’s party time! Come undead or alive to celebrate!” Choose from two file formats to print and send out. Great

FREE Printable LEGO Movie Pin the Horn on Unikitty

Pin the horn on Unikitty from The LEGO Movie at your next LEGO themed Birthday party! This free LEGO pin the horn printable comes with two images. Each image is 8.5 x 11 inches in PDF format and prints in high resolution. You get: – 1 large image of Unikitty’s head with horns – 1

FREE Printable LEGO Building Block Alphabet Banner

Are you looking for a custom LEGO banner for your next party? Or perhaps some fun alphabet letters for the classroom. This free printable LEGO Banner pack has all the letters in the alphabet in a LEGO style font. Simply print the letters you want to create your own custom party banner. You could also

FREE Printable LEGO Movie Birthday Invitation Set

The LEGO movie had so many cool minifigures in it. This free printable LEGO Movie invitation set has two of the main characters (minifigures) to choose from as your invitation theme.   You can choose from awesome Emmet or Wyldstyle invites or send them both out. These invitations say “This party is going to be

FREE Printable LEGO Movie Unikitty Birthday Invitation Set

We are huge fans of LEGOs in our house and we loved the LEGO Movie when we saw it. My girls loved Unikitty and Cloud Cuckoo Land so some Unikitty printables were required. For fans of the LEGO Movie and Unikitty here is a free set of Unikitty invitations. You can choose from ultra super

FREE Printable LEGO Brick Treat Box

This is a FREE printable LEGO brick treat box to use for party favors at your LEGO themed Birthday Party. This printable can be cut, folded and glued into a gift box to hold minifigures, LEGO pieces or other goodies for your LEGO building party goers. This fun little treat box resembles LEGO pieces. This