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FREE Printable Shopkins ChapStick Labels

Are you looking for fun and inexpensive ideas for your Shopkins party? These are free printable Shopkins ChapStick or lip balm labels. Great for putting in party favor bags, or even in a Shopkins piñata. These labels make creating your own unique Shopkins party favors fun, easy and inexpensive! These free Shopkins labels are decorated with

FREE Printable Shopkins Bookmarks

The shopkins want to read with your kids! These are Free printable Shopkins bookmarks to encourage your kids to read. Give them to your children or use them as giveaways and party favors at a Shopkins themed party. My girls use these for books they read in school and just for fun! This Shopkins printable

FREE Printable Shopkins Alphabet Banner Pack

Hey Shopkins fans, how about some more free decorations! This is a free printable Shopkins banner pack that has all the letters in the alphabet and some Shopkins spacer sheets. Each letter is done in a bright font with cute little shopkins sitting at the bottom. Just pick the letters and spacers you want to

FREE Printable Shopkins Valentines

The Shopkins want you to be their Valentine! This is a free printable set of Shopkins Valentines that includes 4 different shopkins themed valentine designs. These have some of the main characters from the shopkins season 1. This set has shopkins: D’lish Donut, Strawberry Kiss, Kooky Cookie and apple blossom. These shopkins are accompanied by

FREE Printable Shopkins Face Water Bottle Labels

Here is a FREE printable Shopkins water bottle label set is in PDF format for your upcoming party. These shopkins water bottle labels have cute shopkins faces on them to decorate your party beverages. When you put these on your water bottles they will turn your water bottles in to giant water bottle shopkins for

FREE Printable Shopkins Water Bottle Labels

It’s Shopkins party time! This FREE printable Shopkins water bottle label set is in PDF format and has a fun bunch of Shopkins decorating each label. Cut out and use them for Shopkins party, Kids birthday, decorations, or just for a fun water bottle label for your kids lunches. The PDF prints 3 Shopkins themed

FREE Printable Shopkins Pin the sprinkles on D’lish Donut

Pin the sprinkles on D’lish Donut at your next Shopkins themed party. This FREE Shopkins D’lish Donut printable pack comes with 3 images. Each image is 12 x 12 inches, high resolution in PDF format. This pack includes one image of the doughnut Shopkins D’lish Donut without her sprinkles, a set of large sprinkles, and

FREE Printable Shopkins Popcorn Box

It’s a giant Shopkin, it’s a popcorn box, and it’s a whole lot of fun! Here is a free printable Shopkins popcorn box for your Shopkins party or movie night. These are fun to print and create for a birthday or use them when your little ones watch a movie together. Even a fun idea