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Legend of Zelda Link Color Blanks Figure

Though certainly not one of my best creations, this Legend of Zelda Link figure is one of my favorite Color Blanks that I worked on. I have been following the Legend of Zelda Nintendo game series since I was a kid and I’m always looking forward to the new games that keep coming out. I modeled this

Skeletor Masters of the Universe Illustration

Here’s a fan-art illustration I created quite some time ago of one of my favorite characters in the He-man cartoon I watched as a child. Do you remember Skeletor from He-man and the Masters of the Universe? I loved watching the cartoon and collecting the Mattel He-man figures. I was fortunate enough to have a couple different skeletor

My daughter as She-Hulk comic Illustration

I really enjoy the process of creating my illustrations. Most of the time after completing a drawing I usually tire of looking at it for too long and am ready to start the creative process again. I am fond of this She-hulk illustration however, and like to look back at it as it contains two of my favorite

Pac-Mayan Threadless T-Shirt Design Submission

Here’s my latest submission to’s ongoing t-shirt design contest. I created this design in Adobe Illustrator. I decided to theme it around a prominent topic of 2012; the end of the world. An “end of the world” Illustration There are many theories on how the world is going to end but one that I

Libby the Ladybug Vector Illustrations

This little ladybug was a big part of the inspiration for a website that my wife and I created all about ladybugs. I designed Libby the Ladybug entirely in vector format (Adobe Illustrator) and have illustrated many variations that are used around our website I originally created her as a part of a character

The Incredible Hulk in darkness Illustration

I created this piece as some fan art of my favorite comic book character, The Incredible Hulk. I did this a few years back but I thought I would share the artwork. It just so happens that the new Avengers movie is out at the same time! I’ve loved drawing comic art since I was a kid. This

Kawaii Polymer Clay ladybug cupcakes

  These little kawaii polymer clay ladybug cupcakes were inspired by some amigurumi figures that my wife had seen on one of the many sites she browses when doing crochet work. If you haven’t seen them already you should check out my kawaii ladybug cupcake vector designs. The kawaii ladybugs were made with solid colors

Ladybug Nintendo DS Illustrations

I have a Nintendo DS lite and I have homebrew applications installed on it. One of those applications is Colors which is also available on iPhone and the 3DS as well. The great thing about using it on Nintendo DS is that you have a stylist and can do more precise drawing. Of course you