Save time and money downloading and printing your free printables from

1.    Save money on Printer ink by purchasing online: I use an older HP printer and printing your own files can add up in ink cost pretty quickly if you are buying ink from places such as Officemax or Costco. I buy my ink on eBay and the cost is about 85% less for extra large cartridges than I have found in Stores! If you really like to do-it-yourself you can buy ink refill kits but I prefer to avoid that mess!


Save On Printer Ink Refills Here!


2.    Be wary of low cartridge warnings! Printers will tell you this when there is still ink left in the cartridge. Many times you can get a great deal of high quality prints out of your cartridge before it truly runs dry.

3.    Adjust your printer settings! If you are printing party printables make sure to set your printer to high quality. Note* this will use more ink. Also if you are using cardstock make sure to set the printer to “cardstock” or “specialty paper”.

4.    Print in Grayscale when you can: Sometimes you may be doing activity printables where you will need to print many, such as for school. Black ink is cheaper than color and generally last longer. When you can, switch to “grayscale” and this will print items only using your black color cartridge saving you color!

5.    Cardstock will use more ink: use it sparingly. Printables such as birthday banners, wall posters, water bottle labels work fine with a thin stock. I use 32lb for many party printables and will use 110 pound for invites and and cards.

6.    Do you do a lot of paper crafts? Invest in a Laser Printer! You will SAVE MONEY in the long run. We really get into decorating for birthdays and holidays at our house. Everyone is creative and loves to make things. Having a printer that doesn’t run out of ink quickly is essential. We invested in a laser printer and it though it was more expensive than an inkjet printer initially it quickly paid for itself in ink savings. We figured out that we were spending about 9 cents a sheet for full color prints on our old ink jet printer and less than a cent a sheet on our laser printer plus the laser cartridges simply last a lot longer! You can find our laser printer here, it’s dependable and it’s got great reviews from others as well!

7.    Can’t afford a nice printer, pay the pro for the mass print jobs: It’s worth it to pay a vendor with professional inkjet or laser printers when you have to print a whole bunch. The cost per page depending on who you choose can be very reasonable and you are already saving money on the design work by getting your printables for free here! Sometimes when printing banners I will go to the UPS store, and they charge a $3.00 computer fee + $0.35 a sheet.