Title: Children’s Art

Kawaii Sun and Clouds Illustration

Do you like Kawaii? Here is an illustration I recently finished up in this fun style for zazzle products. I created the Kawaii sun and clouds in Adobe Illustrator. Often times, much like I did with this illustration, I sketched the concept on paper first. This Kawaii sun and clouds illustration is now available on

Libby the Ladybug Vector Illustrations

This little ladybug was a big part of the inspiration for a website that my wife and I created all about ladybugs. I designed Libby the Ladybug entirely in vector format (Adobe Illustrator) and have illustrated many variations that are used around our website everything-ladybug.com. I originally created her as a part of a character

Kawaii Ladybug Pirates

Seeing all the different pirates, ninjas and zombies in pop culture, I was inspired to make some little Kawaii ladybug pirates. These were the initial design in a series of little kawaii ladybugs. The illustrations were done in Adobe Illustrator as vector art and the backgrounds were keep consistently simple. These ladybug pirates are available on a variety products