Title: Figures & Statues

Super Shredder Custom Figure

Here’s my custom Super Shredder inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. I made this custom Super Shredder using an 13″ Incredible Hulk figure from the 2003 movie. I searched for a muscular figure on Ebay to use for this custom shredder modification and this Incredible Hulk I found was for sale at a really

Steampunk Megaman Custom Vinyl Figure

After a lot of tinkering I finally finished my Steampunk Megaman figure. I really find the steampunk genre fascinating so I think I will be doing more steampunk interpretations in the future. Vinyl Figure To start this Steampunk Megaman figure, I used a simple Creatology vinyl penguin figure. These are similar in size to Color

Leprechaun Color Blanks Figure for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It occured to the me the other day that Color Blanks figures are the perfect size to be leprechauns. With St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaching I did a quick search to find a figure that I could turn into one. I found this little snow man Color Blanks figure that seem to fit the bill.

8 Bit Megaman Custom Vinyl Figure

Happy New Year! I’ve wanted to post this Megaman vinyl figure for a while now. Megaman was one of my quickest custom figures but also a definite favorite! I love megaman. I still breakout those 8 bit classic video games and play them with my daughters. They are Megaman fans too! We even have some Megaman/Rockman cartoons

Christmas Frost Santa Color Blanks Figure

Happy Holidays! Christmas is probably the most celebrated holiday in our house. We start decorating pretty much right after Thanksgiving and then it seems like Christmas for a whole month. Color Blanks can be a great way to add to your holiday decorations with your own artistic touch. This Christmas-inspired Frost Santa Color Blanks figure

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Color Blanks Figure

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a fun Color Blanks figure modification I just finished for 2012 Turkey Day. Of course instead of making a Turkey Color Blanks figure I thought I would try a different direction for the Thanksgiving theme. I started with a figure that had a can body shape. RoseArt was kind enough to send me some

Green and Gray Hulk Color Blanks Figures

The Incredible Hulk is my favorite comic character so creating green and gray hulk Color Blanks was inevitable. These two blanks don’t look much like what I started with but they sure provided a nice foundation and made the sculpting a lot quicker! While the story of the green and gray hulks has evolved into different

Halloween Pumpkin Girl Color Blanks Figure

This little Halloween pumpkin girl Color Blanks figure was inspired by chibi art of witches I have seen. For this Color Blanks figure I mixed and matched the head of a monkey figure and a walking Color Blank. For this Color Blanks figure, I created a pumpkin hat, ghost balloon, pumpkin vine hair, a black