Title: Figures & Statues

Halloween Zombie Color Blanks Figure

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I was really looking forward to making more Halloween Color Blanks figures! For this particular Halloween I decided to do a zombie Color Blanks figure. I looked through my collection of unfinished figures available and I had this cool egg figure.  I thought that it would work great to

A Color Blanks Pirate for Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. The folks at RoseArt thought it would be fun if I could come up with a pirate themed Color Blanks figure and immediately the gears started turning in my head. The first thing I did was look through some of the figures that I had available and

Tutorial: Back to School Color Blanks Figure

As of writing this, it is still technically summer, most students are already in school or in a mass exodus from their homes to go back to school. In light of the new school year the folks at RoseArt asked if I could come up with a back-to-school themed Color Blanks figure. I thought this would be a fun challenge

A Color Blanks Ladybug Out for a Summer Drive

Creating art with Color Blanks is a lot of fun. I started collecting Color Blanks a couple years back when I found them in my local arts and crafts store. In addition to creating many other types of art I enjoy sculpting and creating figures. Modifying Color Blanks gives me the opportunity to create some

Breath of Fire 4 Custom Creatology Vinyl Figure

I created this custom Breath of Fire 4 figure using a Creatology vinyl figure toy that you can get from Michaels stores in my area.  As you will see from one of the pictures below, I used a Christmas themed vinyl penguin figure to start. I like working with RoseArt’s Color Blanks but these vinyl figures are a good alternative if you

The Legend of Zelda Sailor Midna Statue

Sculpting a Sailor Midna statue was a fun learning experience for me. I was able to learn new skills and techniques through the creative process. This Legend of Zelda Sailor Midna statue is made out of polymer clay, acrylic paint and some electrical components to make LED lights work inside of it. In the past I’ve only made pretty

custom Halloween Color Blanks figure

Around the holidays there are often seasonal Color Blanks. Last year I found Halloween Color Blanks available at Michaels. This was one of the first Color Blanks I ever did a custom version of.    This Halloween Color Blanks figure had a pumpkin head and I was immediately inspired to see how I could transform it into something different.

Legend of Zelda Link Color Blanks Figure

Though certainly not one of my best creations, this Legend of Zelda Link figure is one of my favorite Color Blanks that I worked on. I have been following the Legend of Zelda Nintendo game series since I was a kid and I’m always looking forward to the new games that keep coming out. I modeled this