Title: Threadless Art

Bigfoot’s Photo Shoot Threadless Design Submission

Here is a Threadless.com design submission I did of Bigfoot getting his picture taken by a photographer. Bigfoot is in the classic walking pose displayed in the Patterson-Gimlin footage; however this bigfoot is giving the peace symbol in a carefree sort of way. This design is not for the traditional Threadless.com competition but for one

The Legend of Breakfast Threadless Zelda Shirt Submission

If you love The Legend of Zelda game series from Nintendo and love bacon and eggs, you might love this shirt design I submitted to threadless.com. I find that a lot of the time when I’m playing a Legend of Zelda game that I start to see things in the real world everywhere that remind

Sea Bunny Attack! Threadless Shirt Design Submission

This sea bunny attack design that I submitted to threadless.com was inspired by both my love of the ocean and my love of rabbits. I have a couple of pet rabbits right now and this illustration in particular best describes my rabbit Wicket. He is especially crabby most of the time but can be very

Pac-Mayan Threadless T-Shirt Design Submission

Here’s my latest submission to Threadless.com’s ongoing t-shirt design contest. I created this design in Adobe Illustrator. I decided to theme it around a prominent topic of 2012; the end of the world. An “end of the world” Illustration There are many theories on how the world is going to end but one that I