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This sea bunny attack design that I submitted to was inspired by both my love of the ocean and my love of rabbits. I have a couple of pet rabbits right now and this illustration in particular best describes my rabbit Wicket. He is especially crabby most of the time but can be very sweet. The little critter is very protective of his food and if you put your hand in the cage the wrong way he will attack you. It’s a matter of picking him up at the right angle and also picking him up at the right time.

I’ve had the urge to do a lot of design for lately as doing shirt designs is always fun. If you’re not familiar with it is a site where you can submit designs to be voted on to be printed as shirts, other apparel items such as backpacks, laptop skins, and iPhone cases.

In the sea bunny illustration that I did for I decided to make a giant rabbit as a sea monster about to flop down on a small ship with a small crew of men struggling to keep their sail intact. I chose to use colors that I usually see in the ocean such as some blues and greens and then I picked out an orange to make it somewhat like a visual trigger for the rabbit; he is attacking the boat because it looks like a giant carrot to him. Truth be told I think my rabbits love bananas more than carrots but I won’t let that get in the way of the common association.

Sea Bunny Attack! Threadless Shirt Design Submission

Sea Bunny Attack! Threadless Shirt Design Submission

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