Title: Zazzle Art

Kawaii Sun and Clouds Illustration

Do you like Kawaii? Here is an illustration I recently finished up in this fun style for zazzle products. I created the Kawaii sun and clouds in Adobe Illustrator. Often times, much like I did with this illustration, I sketched the concept on paper first. This Kawaii sun and clouds illustration is now available on

Octo-Puss, Cat and Octopus Sea Monster Illustration

This Octo-Puss illustration is part of a series of pun drawings I am doing inspired by my departed father. He loved to joke around and loved puns. I keep a list that he and I made on the phone one night a few months before he passed away. He contributed most of the ideas and I kept it

Ladybug Nintendo DS Illustrations

I have a Nintendo DS lite and I have homebrew applications installed on it. One of those applications is Colors which is also available on iPhone and the 3DS as well. The great thing about using it on Nintendo DS is that you have a stylist and can do more precise drawing. Of course you

Kawaii Ladybug Pirates

Seeing all the different pirates, ninjas and zombies in pop culture, I was inspired to make some little Kawaii ladybug pirates. These were the initial design in a series of little kawaii ladybugs. The illustrations were done in Adobe Illustrator as vector art and the backgrounds were keep consistently simple. These ladybug pirates are available on a variety products

Kawaii Ladybug Cupcake Illustrations

This series of kawaii ladybug cupcake illustrations was a lot of fun to create. It was inspired by my wife’s love of amigurumi. On one of the many sites she visits she found a lady who crochets little amigurumi creatures such as ladybugs and puts them in cupcake tins. We decided it would be a great idea