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Here is a design submission I did of Bigfoot getting his picture taken by a photographer. Bigfoot is in the classic walking pose displayed in the Patterson-Gimlin footage; however this bigfoot is giving the peace symbol in a carefree sort of way.

This design is not for the traditional competition but for one of their specialty competitions called Threadless Loves Simple; which is why it is fairly basic. In this competition you can only use three colors or less and they want the design to be, well… simple.

Bigfoot's Photo Shoot Shirt Design

Bigfoot's Photo Shoot Shirt Design

In my design I wanted to convey a humorous aspect of taking pictures of Bigfoot as most pictures of it are either blurry or unclear and some are even disputable whether it could be any kind of animal at all. I also wanted to put a point across that perhaps Bigfoot is just plain blurry. The photographer clearly had a very short distance to photograph Bigfoot as most model photographers have specialty cameras that can take very high-resolution images and yet Bigfoot even with background objects being in clear focus is still very blurry. The viewer not seeing Bigfoot behind the lens is still forced to see a blurry Bigfoot.

I did this Bigfoot submission in three colors. I used some blues and a halftone effect to give the illusion that Bigfoot is always blurry.

If you have some time stop by to check out my design and all the other really cool shirt designs they have available.

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