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If you love The Legend of Zelda game series from Nintendo and love bacon and eggs, you might love this shirt design I submitted to I find that a lot of the time when I’m playing a Legend of Zelda game that I start to see things in the real world everywhere that remind me of things from the game.

One morning I was making my daughters some eggs and the gold from the 3 yolks reminded me of the Tri-force; crazy I know. This immediately inspired me to make a fun shirt design using various objects that you might find on a breakfast plate as characters and objects in the Legend of Zelda game. I thought it would be fun to submit this to and see how the community there liked it and maybe get it printed. If not I will pursue other venues such as to print it.

I went about brainstorming what breakfast objects could be translated into the various items and characters in the Legend of Zelda world. The first thing of course was the eggs, they were the inspiration after all! They could be transformed into the Tri-force. So I made the plate of three eggs into the Tri-force. The next thing that immediately occurred to me was that Ganon, the main villain from the Zelda game series, is often depicted as a humanoid pig and so I went about creating bacon that looked like Ganon.

The Legend of Breakfast - Zelda shirt design

The Legend of Breakfast – Zelda shirt design

When I think of restaurant breakfast plates I often think of the garnishment they use such as a little piece of kale or parsley. This worked as a logical association to the hero Link as he is green and associated with the forest. I subtly turned a piece of kale into Link.

In some of the game series Zelda is trapped in some sort of crystal and after talking with my friend about it, the idea came about to put her in an ice cube in orange juice. It also worked out well that Link would be holding a butter knife as a sword and Ganon would use the fork much like the pitchfork he holds in some of the games.

If you get a chance come over to and check out my finished Zelda breakfast shirt design which is currently being voted on.

If you would like to vote and help get it printed, signing up for an account at is easy! You only need a username, e-mail address and password and you can opt out of getting the newsletter if you don’t want it. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Be sure to check out some of my other artwork.

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