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After a lot of tinkering I finally finished my Steampunk Megaman figure. I really find the steampunk genre fascinating so I think I will be doing more steampunk interpretations in the future.

Vinyl Figure

To start this Steampunk Megaman figure, I used a simple Creatology vinyl penguin figure. These are similar in size to Color Blanks figures and provide a great blank canvas if you want to get really custom. These vinyl figures also have proportions much like a lot of the 8 and 16 bit video game characters which work great for recreating them.

Steampunk Megaman Custom Vinyl Figure

Sculpting with Polymer Clay

I used some polymer clay to sculpt elements such as the helmet, right arm and parts of the arm cannon. I bake the clay on the figure at a slightly lower temp to prevent warping of the vinyl.

LED Powered Arm Cannon

I took a clip on light’s battery compartment and stripped it down to a very small container and wires. I then soldered on a resistor and smaller LED light. Small plastic gears and miscellaneous other spare parts were added to make the arm cannon more mechanical looking.

Spining Shaft (Power Source) in Chest

For additional effect I added a moving component in the chest of the Steampunk Megaman figure. I took a small electric motor saved from a broken printer and mounted it inside the head of the figure. The shaft of the motor goes down through the neck where I connected, offset and painted broken parts from a motherboard. It creates a great spinning effect. A wire passes through the back to cordless phone battery back, disguised as tanks, that powers the spinning chest shaft. This battery back is removable and rechargeable via a phone base.

Steampunk Megaman video

See a full rotation of the figure in the video below as well as the spinning motion of Steampunk Megaman’s chest.


Just for kicks here’s a picture of Steampunk Megaman and 8 bit Megaman vinyl figures.  Both figures started with the same basic Creatology vinyl figure.


Steampunk Megaman and 8 bit Megaman Custom Vinyl Figures

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