Leprechaun Color Blanks Figure for St. Patrick’s Day

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It occured to the me the other day that Color Blanks figures are the perfect size to be leprechauns. With St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaching I did a quick search to find a figure that I could turn into one.

I found this little snow man Color Blanks figure that seem to fit the bill. Once I got started it was a process of adding some polymer clay to his face and feet and putting him in my oven for a first baking. For your viewing pleasure below are some pics of the original snowman Color Blanks figure and the figure once I started applying clay.

Snowman color blanks used to create a leprechaun Color Blanks figure.

The Start of my Color Blanks Leprechaun – A snow man figure!

Sculpting the face and ears of the leprechaun Color Blanks figure

Sculpting features of the leprechaun onto the snowman Color Blanks figure.

I was recently asked if it is safe to bake these figures and I don’t recommend baking them in the same oven that you cook food in. I bought a used Nuwave (infrared) oven that I cook my figures in. The Nuwave ovens are small, much cheaper than buying a real second oven and will trap any fumes produced by the figure.

With the leprechaun Color Blanks figure, after the first baking I applied base coats of  acrylic paint to the hat, face and body. After the paint was thoroughly dry I sculpted the leprechaun’s jacket and beard. I then took the Color Blanks figure and put it in the oven for a second baking. It is important to note that I cook my figures with acrylic paint as well. As long as the underlying figure does not warp, the paint will hold up to the temperature.

With a few final paint & marker touch-ups, my Color Blanks Leprechaun figure is all set to go. Have a great St. Patty’s day!

Finished leprechaun Color Blanks figure

The finished leprechaun Color Blanks figure.

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