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Halloween Pumpkin Girl Color Blanks Figure

This little Halloween pumpkin girl Color Blanks figure was inspired by chibi art of witches I have seen. For this Color Blanks figure I mixed and matched the head of a monkey figure and a walking Color Blank. For this Color Blanks figure, I created a pumpkin hat, ghost balloon, pumpkin vine hair, a black

Halloween Zombie Color Blanks Figure

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I was really looking forward to making more Halloween Color Blanks figures! For this particular Halloween I decided to do a zombie Color Blanks figure. I looked through my collection of unfinished figures available and I had this cool egg figure.  I thought that it would work great to

custom Halloween Color Blanks figure

Around the holidays there are often seasonal Color Blanks. Last year I found Halloween Color Blanks available at Michaels. This was one of the first Color Blanks I ever did a custom version of.    This Halloween Color Blanks figure had a pumpkin head and I was immediately inspired to see how I could transform it into something different.