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Super Shredder Custom Figure

Here’s my custom Super Shredder inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. I made this custom Super Shredder using an 13″ Incredible Hulk figure from the 2003 movie. I searched for a muscular figure on Ebay to use for this custom shredder modification and this Incredible Hulk I found was for sale at a really

custom Halloween Color Blanks figure

Around the holidays there are often seasonal Color Blanks. Last year I found Halloween Color Blanks available at Michaels. This was one of the first Color Blanks I ever did a custom version of.    This Halloween Color Blanks figure had a pumpkin head and I was immediately inspired to see how I could transform it into something different.

Custom Red Hulk statue

One of my hobbies is to purchase existing figures or statues and use artistic mediums to modify and customize them. One afternoon I decided to take my kids to Toys “R” Us and while in the figure section looking at Marvel comics toys  I found this Red Hulk bank. It seemed fairly sturdy as far