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One of my hobbies is to purchase existing figures or statues and use artistic mediums to modify and customize them.

One afternoon I decided to take my kids to Toys “R” Us and while in the figure section looking at Marvel comics toys  I found this Red Hulk bank. It seemed fairly sturdy as far as Hulk toys go however the mold was kind of cheesy looking and the paint job was really bad; also they used the same mold for the green incredible Hulk and the hair looked nothing like the Red Hulk‘s. Another minor issue was that my Incredible Hulk was missing its bottom so you couldn’t store money in the bank.

I took it up to the register as is and was able to get it at a discounted price of only $10. Not to bad considering an actual Incredible Hulk statue will run you $80 – $250 easy!

Red Hulk bank statue before modification

Red Incredible Hulk statue before modification.

To start making my custom Red Hulk I got out some colored polymer clay, red, orange and little bit of yellow acrylic paint and started to go to work on it.

I tried to color match the skin on the back to cover up the money slot  by mixing clay colors and patching it. Next I made flames on the back inspired by the cover of the first Marvel Red Hulk comic book. I then gave him more of a flattop hair style like he has in the comic book as does his alter ego; which I won’t tell you here if you haven’t ever found out who the Red Hulk really is!

The next thing I did was put the Hulk statue in the oven at a lower degree temperature than the clay recommends in case there was any distortion issues with the actual plastic mold.

After the Hulk was cooled off from being in the oven I used acrylics to paint him and do touch ups to flame work as well as the hair, eyes and teeth and highlight the muscles. Finally I sprayed the new and improved Red Hulk statue with a protective clearcoat.

These modified figures are always great fun to do and I love doing these as commissions!  Check out the finished Red Hulk below!

Finished product custom Red hulk statue

Finished product, custom Incredible Red Hulk statue

Custom Red Hulk Statue, side view

Custom Red Hulk Statue, side view

Wouldn’t be great if they somehow included Red Hulk in an Avengers sequel!

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