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Christmas Frost Santa Color Blanks Figure

Happy Holidays! Christmas is probably the most celebrated holiday in our house. We start decorating pretty much right after Thanksgiving and then it seems like Christmas for a whole month. Color Blanks can be a great way to add to your holiday decorations with your own artistic touch. This Christmas-inspired Frost Santa Color Blanks figure

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Color Blanks Figure

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a fun Color Blanks figure modification I just finished for 2012 Turkey Day. Of course instead of making a Turkey Color Blanks figure I thought I would try a different direction for the Thanksgiving theme. I started with a figure that had a can body shape. RoseArt was kind enough to send me some

Halloween Pumpkin Girl Color Blanks Figure

This little Halloween pumpkin girl Color Blanks figure was inspired by chibi art of witches I have seen. For this Color Blanks figure I mixed and matched the head of a monkey figure and a walking Color Blank. For this Color Blanks figure, I created a pumpkin hat, ghost balloon, pumpkin vine hair, a black

Halloween Zombie Color Blanks Figure

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I was really looking forward to making more Halloween Color Blanks figures! For this particular Halloween I decided to do a zombie Color Blanks figure. I looked through my collection of unfinished figures available and I had this cool egg figure.  I thought that it would work great to