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FREE Printable LEGO Movie Birthday Invitation Set

The LEGO movie had so many cool minifigures in it. This free printable LEGO Movie invitation set has two of the main characters (minifigures) to choose from as your invitation theme.   You can choose from awesome Emmet or Wyldstyle invites or send them both out. These invitations say “This party is going to be

FREE Printable LEGO Movie Unikitty Water Bottle Labels

Did you love Unikitty in the LEGO Movie? Here are Free printable Unikitty water bottle labels. This printable is in PDF format and works great to decorate water bottles at a birthday party or just use them for fun! This PDF prints 3 different LEGO Unikitty water bottle labels including Angry Kitty.  These are optimized

FREE Printable LEGO Movie Unikitty Birthday Invitation Set

We are huge fans of LEGOs in our house and we loved the LEGO Movie when we saw it. My girls loved Unikitty and Cloud Cuckoo Land so some Unikitty printables were required. For fans of the LEGO Movie and Unikitty here is a free set of Unikitty invitations. You can choose from ultra super