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FREE Printable Super Mario Bros. ChapStick Labels

Fun, simple and inexpensive Super Mario party decorations that you get to put a little love into are the best. Here are free printable Super Mario Bros. themed ChapStick labels. I created these labels originally for my daughters 7th birthday Mario birthday party. She wanted to have little themed lip balm to put in her

FREE Printable Super Mario Bros. Bookmarks

Here are Free printable Super Mario bookmarks. Use them to encourage kids to read and also giveaway as party favors at a Super Mario themed party. This Super Mario printable is in PDF format and prints 4 different bookmarks to a sheet. These colorful bookmarks have the Super Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi as well

FREE Printable Super Mario Bros. Play Money

Do you need some fun giveaways for your next Super Mario party or maybe you are looking for a fun way to teach your kids about currency. This free printable Super Mario Bros. play money is a great way to do both. This is a DIY (Do it Yourself) printable Super Mario money in JPG

FREE Super Mario Fire Flower SVG Pack

Here is a free Super Mario Fire Flower SVG pack that you can cut out with your favorite craft cutter and cutting software such as Sure Cuts A Lot. This set consists of 5 free SVG files and creates the original pixel graphic fire flower from the Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game. Each sheet creates

FREE Printable Super Mario Mushroom Popcorn Box

Whether you want to serve a homemade healthy snack like popcorn or treat party goers with a sweet tooth and have some kettle corn, these free printable Mario mushroom popcorn boxes are sure to have some fans! This printable popcorn box template is decorated with cute little Super Mario themed power mushrooms. Just print, cut,

FREE Printable Super Mario Bros. Question Block Treat Box

Here is a fun FREE printable Super Mario birthday treat box to add to your Super Mario party theme. This printable can be cut, folded and glued into the famous question blocks from Super Mario Bros. video game series. Another fun idea is to purchase chocolate candy coins to put inside of these much like

FREE Super Mario Bros. Christmas Tree Printable

Here is a free Super Mario Christmas Tree Printable that you can use for Christmas decorations, wallpapers, digital scrapbooking and more! This mushroom kingdom style Christmas tree has many of the Super Mario Bros. video game items as ornaments including mushrooms, fire flowers, koopa troopa shells and even Mario & Luigi. This printable is approximately

FREE Printable Super Mario Bros. Memory Game

Here is a fun and free printable Super Mario Bros. memory game. This game includes one PDF file that you print and cut. On the printable there are 20 different Super Mario themed cards with 10 different matching sets. Match different colored koopa troopas, coins, fire flowers and of course Mario and Luigi  in this