FREE Frozen Pin the Carrot on Olaf the Snowman Printable

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Pin the Carrot on Olaf the Snowman at your next Frozen themed party! This FREE Snowman printable comes with two images. Each image is 12 x 12 inches in PDF format and prints in high resolution. You get:

- a large image of Olaf the a Snowman
– an image containing a set Olaf’s Carrot noses to pin on your Snowman

Great for digital scrapbooking, Frozen party decorations or your next Snowman themed party game.


First download your free Frozen printable below. Then glue Olaf the snowman to a large foam board to create a larger game area. Then cutout the carrot noses and stick a piece of tape to the back of each one. Now you can blind fold your party goers and have some fun!

pin nose olaf snowman FREE Frozen Pin the Carrot on Olaf the Snowman Printable

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Format: PDF



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