FREE TMNT Pin the Mask on the Ninja Turtle Printable

FREE TMNT Pin the Mask on the Ninja Turtle Printable

Pin the mask on a ninja turtle at your next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party! This FREE TMNT printable pack comes with four images. Each image is 12 x 12 inches at 300 dpi in JPEG format. You get:

- a large image of a ninja turtle head
– images of TMNT masks in four colors
– An image with text in the ninja turtle font that says “pin the mask on the ninja turtle”.

Great for digital scrapbooking,  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party decorations or your next TMNT themed party game.


PTM Ninja Turtle 1 FREE TMNT Pin the Mask on the Ninja Turtle Printable


PTM Ninja Turtle 2 FREE TMNT Pin the Mask on the Ninja Turtle Printable



License:Personal & Some Commercial Use
File Size:1.37 MB

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This is perfect for my son’s birthday – THANK YOU!!!


You are very welcome! I made this and used this for my daughter’s TMNT birthday party. We cut out the pieces and attached it to a sheet of foam board for the kids. It worked out great and a house full of little girls had a lot of fun. I hope your son enjoys it as well!


hi do you have any more of these to use at parties? like pin the tail on peppa pig , pin the bow on minnie mouse? pin the nose on mickey mouse? anything or anything with spiderman/batman/ hulk? THANK YOU XX


Hi Becky, Thank you for visiting. Those are all great ideas. I post these as I create them. I recommend trying the site search or to have what’s available

I Love this i am so glad that i found this 2 days before my son party i was looking for the pizza box labels and found them here this is a life saver and cash saver thanks for your time and help ;)


Thank you for posting a FREE printable. Kids birthdays are so expensive, so this is much appreciated. My daughter is obsessed with original ninja turtles. These are very cute, thanks again~ !


The original TMNTurtles Rock…for the last 20 years or so…in our house! I am so thankful for all you share, so I hate to ask…But, on the “Pin” sign, at the bottom, is there some way to enter “Dude”. It was popular with the originals…I don’t remember which one, though.
I am so glad I can use Microsoft Office Word with this one, it is so much more convenient and accommodating than Adobe.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…yep, it is me again, in Port Huron! Blessings to You and Yours.


Hi Susie, glad you like the TMNT stuff. I’m a big fan as well. All my printables are provided “as is”. There’s more info on this in the FAQ. I appreciate ideas though :)




Thank You! I utilized almost all of your ninja turtle printables for my nephew’s 9th birthday party.

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