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Encanto is a really great movie! For all the encanto fans, check out this free printable Encanto popcorn box. It works perfect for Encanto themed birthdays, disney themed parties and times you are watching Encanto and singing “We don’t talk about Bruno”. This free popcorn box is fun to print and create. You can just print as many boxes as you need for all your party-going, popcorn lovers.

This free Encanto popcorn box says “Encanto,” in the Encanto font and has small circular images of Encanto characters including: Mirabel, Bruno, Camilo, Julieta, Augustin, Abuela Alma, Isabella, Luisa and Antonio! This popcorn box also has bright colors, flowers and butterflies.

Print out two sheets, cut them, fold, and add a little glue or tape to join the pieces and create some awesome Encanto themes popcorn boxes. Once you have them put together fill them up with popcorn, a popcorn candy mix, trail mix, or pretzels. Separate caramel corn into different containers and add food coloring to make a variety of colors to match your party colors.

This free Encanto popcorn box printable is designed to print on 8.5 x 11, standard letter-sized paper from a PDF file. It takes two printed sheets to assemble one Encanto popcorn box. An additional popcorn box cutting and folding guide is included in the download. With this template you can make either flat or wavy edged top Encanto popcorn boxes. All sides of the popcorn box have Encanto themed colors, lettering and characters. You can download your free printable Encanto popcorn box Below. Enjoy!


FREE Printable Encanto Popcorn Box

File Size: 3.01 MB
Format: PDF

What paper works best for Encanto popcorn boxes?

For sturdy popcorn boxes use a white cardstock paper. The popcorn boxes hold up really well but will take a little more effort to cut. For a more economical choice try a multipurpose printer paper. It is a cinch to cut and fold. These are definitely flimsier but once all the sides are together they work well enough for holding a light treat like popcorn. My personal preference is just to use standard paper for my Encanto popcorn boxes.

What Can I Use to Cut My Paper?

Scissors are best for the curvy edges but if you are looking to do straight edges and doing them often, I recommend a paper cutter. It will make quick work of all the cuts you can throw at it. It is also helpful because you can cut more than one piece of paper at a time. We have a couple different paper cutters for all our free printables :)

Grab some Encanto toys and collectibles!

Do you need some ideas for gifts for the party boy or girl, check out these fun Encanto gifts ideas.  Grab plates, table cloths, napkins, streamers and utensils from the dollar store to go with your party theme. Stick to solid colors to save money.

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