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How about some fun Valentine’s day cards for your kids with a little sarcasm? These are free printable Fortnite Valentines for fans to give out to their friends and classmates.  This free printable  includes 4 different designs. They have the Love Ranger and Cuddle Team leader Valentine’s day themed skins. Each valentine has a different fun, sarcastic message. For example: “I’d pause my game for you, Valentine!” and “Valentine, I like you ALMOST as much as Fortnite!”

They are easy to cut and pass out to Fortnite fans. If your kids are crafty, they can paste these to larger pieces of construction paper so that the valentines have a larger frame. Perfect if your kids love Fortnite and valentines with a sense of humor. These Fortnite valentines print at approximately 2.5 x 3.5 inches, 4 to a sheet, in JPEG format.

Also great to use these as Fortnite Valentines on gift boxes or for digital scrapbooking. You can download your free printable Fortnite valentines below.

FREE Printable Fortnite Valentines

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What’s the best paper for Fortnite Valentines?

I’d say go with multipurpose printer paper, it works great! It is easy to cut with scissors, paper cutter or x-acto knife. You can save on ink long term if you invest in a laser printer as well. I bought one a few years ago and love it. If you want your Fortnite Valentines to feel sturdier, try using a cardstock paper.

Don’t forget Fortnite gifts for Valentine’s Day!

To complete your Fortnite Valentine’s day, check out these fun and Fortnite gifts!.

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