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Your kids are addicted to Fortnite but you would like them to take a break now and then to exercise their brains. Try this free printable Fortnite Word search. It’s like doing homework but fun!  There are 18 Fortnite themed words hidden in this word search for you, your kids or even party guests to try. There are some familiar Fortnite skins decorating this word search including chacters such as Snorkle OPS (Headhunter), Abstrakt and Jonesy.

This works great as a school activity, printable to include in a Fortnite party favor pack or just to enjoy with your fortnite loving fans. It’ll keep you or your kids occupied for a little while :)

This free download is in PDF format. You can print as many of these Fortnite word searches as you need and watch the kids have fun exercising their brains as they search for familiar Fortnite related words. This free printable is optimized for standard letter sized paper. You can download your free word search below.


FREE Printable Fortnite Word Search


File Size: 3.61 MB
Format: PDF

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