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I recently had a request for Minnie Mouse Twinkies wrappers from a visitor to my site. I haven’t gotten to do any new Twinkies wrappers in a while. I am going to do more characters as twinkie or cake pushpop wrappers soon! These free printable Minnie Mouse Twinkies wrappers are a great way to transform Twinkies into decorations and offer them as treats or favors at a Disney themed birthday party. They are a hit with Minnie Mouse fans and also work great as cupcake push pop wrappers. :)

This Minnie Mouse printable has 2 different variations of the Minnie Mouse Twinkies wrappers and prints 3 Twinkies wrappers to a sheet. This free Minnie Mouse printable is in PDF format and prints on 8.5 x 11, letter sized paper. Just cut, wrap around and secure with a piece of tape. You can download your free Minnie Mouse Twinkies wrappers below.

FREE Printable Minnie Mouse Twinkies Wrappers

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Format: PDF

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