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For fans of the late 80’s ninja turtles cartoon here are free printable TMNT ninja turtle birthday invitations for your party. I remember watching the ninja turtles alot back in the early 90’s.  This invitation has a classic shot of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and  says “Cowabunga, You’re Invited to the Party!” You can choose from either PDF or JPEG formats to create your invitations.

JPEG Retro ninja turtle Printable Invitation

Using the free JPEG ninja turtle invitation just print and fill out your details with a pen. If you have graphic editing software such a gimp or Photoshop you can modify it and add in your details. This oldschool ninja turtle themed invitation measures 5 x 7 inches.

FREE Printable Retro TMNT Ninja Turtle Birthday Invitation

PDF Retro ninja turtle Printable Invitation – Easy Type and Print Option!

Like the JPEG invitation, you can easily print your free turtle invitation and then fill in your info with a pen or marker.

The PDF version also has the more convenient option of allowing you to type your details directly into it and then sending to print. The free vintage ninja turtle PDF printable will print two invitations to a sheet at 5 x 7 inches. You can download your free retro ninja turtle birthday invitation below!

File Size: 2.28 MB
Format: PDF & JPEG

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