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Exciting news for Taylor Swift fans! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these fantastic Taylor Swift-themed printables that are absolutely free. Perfect for kids to share with their friends and classmates, these Free Printable Taylor Swift Valentines feature four unique designs, each showcasing Taylor Swift in different poses along with special Valentine’s Day messages. Express sentiments like “You belong with me, Valentine!” and “Will you be my Valentine? Baby, just say yes!”

Designed to be easy to cut and distribute, these Taylor Swift Valentines are ideal for fans of Taylor Swift and those who appreciate her music. Crafty kids can even paste them onto larger construction paper for a more substantial presentation. The valentines print at approximately 2.5 x 3.5 inches, with four cards per sheet in PNG format.

Additionally, you can use these Taylor Swift Valentines as delightful additions to gift boxes or for digital scrapbooking. Download your free printable Taylor Swift Valentines below.

FREE Printable Taylor Swift Valentines

File Size: 1.39 MB
Format: PNG

What’s the best paper for Taylor Swift Themed Valentines?

For the best results, I recommend using multipurpose printer paper. It’s easy to cut with scissors, a paper cutter, or an x-acto knife. Investing in a laser printer can also save on ink costs in the long run. For a sturdier feel, consider using cardstock paper.

Don’t forget Taylor Swift gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Complete your Taylor Swift-themed Valentine’s Day with these fun and Taylor Swift gifts! Also, grab some solid color plates, napkins, utensils, and streamers for a fantastic Valentine’s Day party. Find them at the dollar store or Walmart in red, white, pink, or any other color that suits your Taylor Swift party theme.

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