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It’s time for some more despicable thanksgiving printables! Here is a free printable Thanksgiving themed Minions poster. Use it for decorated on Thanksgiving, wallpapers, scrapbooking, or a Thanksgiving Party! This Thanksgiving poster has four Despicable Me minions in Thanksgiving themes. These include a turkey minion, Native american minion, Pilgrim minion and Pumpkin minion. They are standing around there banana cornucopia

This Minions poster printable is approximately 8 x 10.5 inches and optimized to print on letter sized paper, however this PDF was created from a vector source and could be printed much larger such as poster size if you have large paper and access to a large format printer. Great for a Minions fan, Thanksgiving lover or getting in touch with your Despicable Me side. Download your free printable Thanksgiving Minions themed poster below!


FREE Printable Thanksgiving Minions Poster


File Size: 464 KB
Format: PDF

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