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Here are free printable TikTok cupcake toppers for you to download and enjoy at your next birthday party or TikTok themed celebration. Even though these were designed to be used cupcake toppers, this free printable can be used on so many different foods and different creative ways.

Consider trying them on things like sandwiches, cake, finger foods, candies, as well as cupcakes! The skies the limit. Try out your own creative ideas for how to use these free cupcake toppers. These cupcake toppers each have the TikTok logo. There are 4 different styles of cupcake toppers in this free printable! This freebie prints 12 to a sheet in PDF format.

If you are looking for more fun party ideas for these TikTok cupcake toppers. You could get some sticker paper, print and make large TikTok stickers to go on party favor bags, gifts or stick them on the envelopes of your party invitation. The TikTok cupcake toppers are designed to be cut with scissors or a 2 inch craft punch. This printable is optimized to be printable on 8.5 x 11 inch, standard, letter-size paper.

Put these TikTok cupcake toppers together with tape or glue and toothpicks. You can also use these as fun table scatter. You can download your free printable TikTok cupcake toppers below.


FREE Printable TikTok Cupcake Toppers


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Format: PDF

What’s the best paper for TikTok cupcake toppers?

Multipurpose printer paper is my typical go to for party printables. Think about investing in a laser printer as well. You will save a lot of money long-term. I bought one years back and can no longer go without it. They’ve also gotten cheaper. If you want your TikTok cupcake toppers last longer, try using a cardstock paper. Add some glue/ mod podge and glitter to really punch up the colors and design.

Check out these TikTok themed party supplies !

To go with your TikTok themed celebration, check out these fun TikTok party ideas! After grabbing some of these items, get some different color plates, utensils, streamers and napkins from the dollar store or even Walmart. Combining my free printables and dollar store decor is a great way to keep your TikTok themed party budget friendly.

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