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Happy gift giving! Here are some free printable Trolls themed gift tags to label and decorate your presents and home-made gifts. These work perfect for Trolls themed gifts such a figures, playsets or clothes. You of course don’t have to use them for that, you could put them on any cute gift that you want to share with friends and family. They also work well for scrapbooking. :)

These Trolls gift tags are easy to print, cut out tape and attach. Or print these fun gift tags out and punch a hole in the top. Then add a string and make a hanging  Trolls gift tag for your presents. There are two different tags to choose from including a group of Trolls characters Poppy and Branch. This free printable, prints 8 tags to a sheet.

Simple to cut, tape and write your message. These are also great for using on Jars, picture books and craft projects. You can download your free printable Trolls gift tags below! Happy Holidays!

FREE Printable Trolls Gift Tags for Birthday or Christmas

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What paper should I use for my Trolls tags…

For trolls tags that you want to hang from the present using a string I recommend using a white cardstock paper. Using a cardstock gives you that more durable card-like tag. If you are going to tape your tags to presents, you can use standard printer paper and save money on your Trolls printable printing. Also buy your paper in bulk. You can get regular bulk printer paper here.

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Make birthday or holiday shopping easy! Check out at all the Trolls toys and gifts here! There are so many great sets available!

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