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Summoning Yo-Kai fans! Here are Free printable Yo-Kai bookmarks. These work great to encourage kids to read and also giveaway as party favors at a Yo-kai or anime themed party. When I first saw Yo-kai in stores, I thought it was a Pokemon clone. I started watching the anime with my girls and found it to be quite different and hilarious to watch.

This Yo-Kai printable is in PDF format and prints four different bookmarks to a sheet. The bookmarks include Nate, the main character from the cartoon and four Yo-kai: Whisper, Jibanyan, Komasan & Komajiro. The bookmarks have Yo-kai character names as well as encouraging phrases; “The Yo-kai pad says you should read”, “Summoning readers”.

These are optimized for printing on 8.5 x11 standard letter size paper. If you have access to a laminator you could laminate these to make them more durable and last for many books. My youngest daughter is big into Yo-kai right now and so I have a task to create many printables that you may be able to use as well :) You can download your free printable Yo-Kai bookmarks below. Enjoy!


FREE Printable Yo-Kai Watch Bookmarks

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Format: PDF

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