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Here is a free Easter SVG pack that you can cut out with your favorite craft cutter and cutting software such as Sure Cuts A Lot. This set consists of 2 free SVG files and creates creates a cute back of  a bunny. One file has been optimized for quickly cutting multiple bunnies that only require one sheet for the rabbit figure and a tail.  The other sheet is setup for cutting rabbits with a layered effect and cuts a second Easter bunny that is smaller and will stack on top of the other with some glue.

How to Create Different Color Combinations With Your FREE Easter Bunny SVG Pack

Rotate cutting sheets of different colored card stuck such as pastel hello and pink to mix and match rabbit figures and tails for contrast.

Assemble Your FREE Easter Bunny SVG Cut Outs

You can assemble these Easter bunny shapes by attaching some string to the back with tape once the glue has dried from putting them together. You can download your free Easter bunny banner SVG pack below.

FREE Easter Bunny Banner SVG Pack

Get Crafty with it!

Here’s a fun idea to do with this free Easter SVG pack! Instead of using the provided template for the bunny tails, glue on cotton balls instead. This will make your Easter bunnies pop as either wall decorations or a banner. Then save the tail cutouts for clouds in another project :)

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Format: SVG

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