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The minions are taking over Easter! Here are some free vector Despicable Me Easter minions that I created in Adobe Illustrator CS5. There are four variations that you can incorporate into your designs and crafts and party decorations. You can choose from one and two eyed bunny minions and mutated egg minions. I designed them to be pretty easy to edit and take apart so that you could make your own Easter minions out of them, move the position of the arms, legs etc. Just ungroup the parts, move things around, change the fill colors, add your own backgrounds and whatever else you can come up with.  I am offering these vector Easter minions in AI, EPS and PDF formats for you to include in your personal projects. You can download your free Vector Despicable Me Easter minions below. Enjoy!

 FREE Vector Despicable Me Easter Minions

File Size: 1.95 MB
Format: AI, EPS, PDF

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