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I created this piece as some fan art of my favorite comic book character, The Incredible Hulk. I did this a few years back but I thought I would share the artwork. It just so happens that the new Avengers movie is out at the same time!

The incredible hulk in darkness - Avengers

The Incredible Hulk in darkness

I’ve loved drawing comic art since I was a kid. This illustration was primarly pens and sharpies on bristol board and then I scanned and colored in Photoshop. I liked the way the Incredible Hulk came out and I decided some day that I would like to come up with some similar versions that I could sell without copyright infringement.

While I do get commissions to do comic characters I wanted something that I could get repeat sales on like I do with my other products in my Zazzle shop so below I created a variation called the dark rage.

I don’t believe there is a purple hulk and while they’ve created various other incarnations of the Incredible Hulk including gray, blue, and red hulk I haven’t seen a purple one yet. So, as you can see below I made Hulk purple and gave this new dark hulk-like creature pointy ears and sharp teeth. In this variation I made it look more like a titanic monster rather than the Incredible Hulk. I was successfully able to make a few sales before Zazzle pulled this off of their site. They pulled it down because they believed it looked too much like the Incredible Hulk. Oh well, it was a fun piece of art and now Zazzle has a ton of really cool customizable Hulk art available!

Incredible Hulk, the dark rage

The Incredible Hulk, the dark rage

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