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I’m hooked on Cobra Kai. I grew up with the Karate Kid movies so I really enjoy it. If you or your children are a Cobra Kai themed party, you might find these FREE Printable Cobra Kai Water Bottle Labels in PDF format useful. Whether you are having a martial arts themed party or simply enjoy watching Cobra Kai, these water bottles are a fun an inexpensive way to theme your party drinks.

These water bottle labels have different colored, Cobra Kai text logos (in red, black and yellow) on them as well as alabel with multiple Cobra Kai snake logos. This free download prints 3 water bottle labels optimized for 8.5 x 11 standard letter size paper and will fit most regular sized water bottles. I generally use them on Costco’s 40 packs of water; Especially when prepping for a party.

To make cutting your free Cobra Kai themed water bottle labels convenient and easy, this free printable comes with crop marks! I recommend using glue, hot glue or tape to stick your labels on the bottles. A little piece of scotch tape is always what I use. You can download your free printable Cobra Kai water bottle labels below.

Free Printable Cobra Kai Themed Water Bottle Labels

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Format: PDF

What paper is best for my Cobra Kai themed bottle labels?

Multipurpose printer paper is always what I use. Its cheap, It is easy to print on, and easy to cut and glue or tape. There also easier to wrap around than a thicker paper.

Are you planning on using my free printables for years to come? I certainly hope so!  I recommend a good laser printer for all your printing. These printers are designed to print lots of color, it’s not wet ink and you can print tons of full color pages before you run out of color in your cartridge. Also great for scrapbookers and homeschoolers. While the color cartridges are generally more expensive, your cost per printable is much lower than standard printers ink cartridge.

If making sturdy labels for your Cobra Kai themed party is the priority you can try using a cardstock paper. I have a interesting trick if you are worried about your Cobra Kai themed water bottle labels getting wet or soggy from the moisture of the bottles, try this out! After printing the labels you can coat them with contact paper, and cut them to make them a super durable. If you don’t have contact paper, use clear packing tape. Just tape a piece on each side and then cut off the excess. I would still only use the thinner multipurpose paper for this. You can get contact paper here! I usually keep my water bottles in a cold location but not so cold they form condensation. Then just using normal paper is fine.

Don’t forget Cobra Kai themed toys and gifts!

To add to your Cobra Kai themed party, check out these fun Cobra Kai themed items! After grabbing some of these items, go get some inexpensive party supplies at the dollar store or a Walmart. Grab some plates, napkins, streamers and utensils in colors such as black, red and yellow to match the colors of Cobra kai. Have a great Cobra Kai celebration!

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