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Here are free printable ChapStick or lip balm labels for your party theme. Turn regular lip balm into a cute little minion, girl minion themed ChapStick or even a Lip Stick Taser! These labels make creating your own unique Minion party favors fun, easy and inexpensive!

With this free minion printable there a a number of fun labels to choose from including boy minions, girl minions, Zapp Lipstick Taser, and a label that will turn the lip balm into a minion. These labels print 16 to a sheet on 8.5 x 11, standard letter-sized paper from a PDF file. Print on to full size sticker sheets such as Avery #8165 then simply cutout and stick on. Or print on standard paper and stick on with a little bit of scotch tape. You can download your free Minion ChapStick labels below.

FREE Printable Despicable Me Minion ChapStick Labels

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Format: PDF

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