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Here’s a FREE printable Black Panther water bottle label set is in PDF format. These labels have Black Panther the awesome cat-like, super hero ally to the Avengers. Does your child love Marvel comics or comic themed stuff? These are perfect to put on water bottles and stick them in your’s or your kid’s lunch. They are also perfect for a Black Panther themed birthday party. They can turn boring beverages into functional decorations for your Avengers party. I always like how the water bottles look at our parties with custom themed labels.

This free Black Panther themed download prints 3 water bottle labels on 8.5 x11 standard letter size paper and will fit most regular sized water bottles. There are three different water bottle label designs included in this free printable. My favorite one is Black Panther leaving claw marks on the water bottle label. These labels are inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Black Panther comic books.

This printable comes with crop marks to make cutting out your Black Panther water bottle labels an easy task. I recommend using glue or tape to stick your labels on the bottles. You can download your free Black Panther water bottle labels below.

Free Printable Black Panther Water Bottle Labels


File Size: 2.04 MB
Format: PDF

What paper is best for my Black Panther bottle labels?

If you need those Black Panther themed labels quick, multipurpose printer paper works great! It is easy to print and quick to trim. Your Black Panther party will have fun, Marvel themed beverages in no time.

You can save on ink long term if you invest in a laser printer as well. A really great idea if you plan on doing a lot of parties with printables for years to come. Also great for scrapbookers and homeschoolers. I bought one a few years ago and love it.

If making higher quality labels for your Marvel Black Panther party is the priority you can try using a cardstock paper. Some of my visitors have been concerned about their water bottle labels getting soggy from the moisture of the bottles and offered a trick. After printing the labels they coat them with contact paper, then cut them, to make them a super durable. I would still only use the thinner multipurpose paper for this. You can get contact paper here!

Don’t forget Black Panther toys and gifts!

To complement your Black Panther party, check out these fun Black Panther toys and party themed items! After grabbing some of these items head to a dollar store and pick up some black and grey napkins and streamers to match!

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