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Grab your Nerf guns, call up some friends and party!  Here are free printable Nerf cupcake wrappers to decorate your treats at your awesome party. Make sure to get my free printable Nerf cupcake toppers too! These work great for decorating cupcakes and muffins. Make sure to check out the rest of my Nerf printables too! The more decorations the better!

This free printable includes 3 different Nerf cupcake wrappers and prints 3 to a sheet. The wrappers each have different color combinations that are recognizable with the nerf brand. The wrappers have the Nerf logo and Nerf darts as well.  These Nerf cupcake Wrappers are designed to be cut with scissors and are optimized to print on 8.5 x 11 inch standard letter size paper. You can easily assemble and secure them with tape . You can download your free Nerf cupcake wrappers below.

FREE Printable Nerf Cupcake Wrappers

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What’s the best paper for Nerf cupcake Wrappers?

Multipurpose printer paper is the best way to go. The cupcake wrappers look great and it helps you save a little money. They’re easy to cut too. If you plan on using a lot of printables for many parties in the future, think about investing in a laser printer as well. It has been invaluable since we print decorations for lots of parties. If you want your Nerf cupcake wrappers to be a little sturdier, try using a cardstock paper.  Keep in mind that they will be stiffer and might take more tape to secure.

Don’t forget Nerf guns and accessories!

To support your Nerf party activities, check out these fun Nerf guns and accessories! After grabbing some of these items go to your local dollar store and get some yellow, red and orange plates, streamers and utensils.

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