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Waka Waka Waka, It’s time for a Pac-man party! Here are some free printable Pac-man cupcake toppers for your retro arcade party or Pac-man party. This free printable includes 6 different cupcake toppers and prints 12 to a sheet from a PDF file. Great for a party that includes retro arcade video game characters. I was a very little boy when Pac-man came out and I loved playing it as a kid. Heck, I love playing it now and sharing it with my kids. These cupcake toppers have the four ghosts (Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde) and also Pac-man. They go great with my free printable Pac-man Paper Pack.

You can cut these cupcake toppers with scissors or a 2 inch craft punch and print them on 8.5 x 11 standard letter size paper.

They are easy to assemble with tape or glue and toothpicks. You could also use them as Pac-man themed stickers or for digital scrapbooking. Download your free printable Pac-man or video game cupcake toppers below.

FREE Printable Retro Pac-man Cupcake Toppers

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What paper should I print my Pac-man cupcake toppers on?

Cupcake toppers work fine on an economical choice such as multipurpose printer paper. It is easy to bend and quick to trim. You can save on ink long term if you invest in a laser printer as well. I bought one a few years ago and love it. If you want thicker/sturdier cupcake toppers try using a cardstock paper.

Check out these Pac-man party supplies!

Complement your printable pac-man party!  Check out these fun Pac-man party party supplies! Plates, cups, napkins, party favors etc., decorated with Pac-man characters and designs will help tie together your party theme!

Upgrade your Pac-man cupcake toppers!

Do you need your Pac-man printables customized with a name, want to add a photo, or simply want to have my printables emailed to you. Check out these great services to upgrade your Pac-man cupcake toppers!

Add a name or a phrase to your Pac-man cupcake toppers!

Add a name or phrase to your Pac-man cupcake toppers

Add a photo of a friend or child to your Pac-man cupcake toppers!

Add a photo to your Pac-man cupcake toppers

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