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I grew up with the Mario bros and I love Halloween. I decided to combine the two. These are FREE Printable Halloween Super Mario Water Bottle Labels. Perfect for your Halloween or Super Mario party theme. Toad has been transformed into a pumpkin head instead of a mushroom. Then Boo and Dry Bones are already perfect for a Halloween party theme. There are also little Halloween themed power-up mushrooms.

These water bottle labels has different characters. One has Toad and mushrooms, another has lots of those little ghosts called Boo and the last one has a line of Dry Bones. There also diagonal stripe patterns on two of the labels. They print in PDF format.

This free printable download prints 3 water bottle labels on 8.5 x 11 inch, standard, letter-sized paper and will fit most regular sized water bottles.

For easy cutting, this Halloween printable has crop marks. You can use glue, hot glue or tape to stick your labels on the bottles. Tape always seems easiest to me. You can download your free printable Halloween Super Mario water bottle labels below.

Free Printable Halloween Super Mario Water Bottle Labels

File Size: 608 KB
Format: PDF

What paper is best for my Halloween Super Mario themed bottle labels?

Multipurpose printer paper is the simple way to go. It’s easy to print, cut and glue or tape. Also, labels printed on regular paper are easier to wrap around than thicker paper like cardstock.

Are you going to be using lots of my free printables for years to come? I certainly hope so! I recommend a good laser printer for all your printing. These printers are designed to print lots of color, it’s not wet ink and you can print tons of full color pages before you run out of color in your cartridge. Also great for scrapbookers and homeschoolers. While the color cartridges are generally more expensive, your cost per printable is much lower than standard printers ink cartridge. You’ll be able to print 1000’s of sheets before needing to change color cartridges.

If you are worried about wet, soggy super mario bottle labels, here’s an idea. Coat the labels with contact paper, and then cut them to make them a super durable. You can also try clear packing tape. Just tape a piece on each side and then cut off the excess. I would still only use the thinner multipurpose paper for this. You can get contact paper here! Personally, I usually keep my water bottles in a cold location but not so cold they get wet. And using normal paper works fine for me.

Don’t forget Super Mario themed toys and gifts!

To enhance your Halloween Super Mario themed party, check out these fun Super Mario themed items! After grabbing some of these items, head to the dollar store for inexpensive party supplies. Grab some Halloween colored plates, napkins, streamers, and utensils.

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