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Ticket invitations are a really fun way to spread the word about a party, especially a Halloween or zombie party. These free printable LEGO zombie ticket invitations have eerie, creepy, little LEGO zombie minifigures and prints four to a sheet on standard letter size paper.

PDF LEGO zombie Printable Ticket Invitations – Easy Type and Print Option!

These zombie invites are in PDF format and can be directly printed as-is and then you could fill out your details using a traditional method such as pen or marker. These ticket invites say: “It’s a birthday party! You’re invited! Come dead or alive…”.

The PDF also has the convenient option of allowing you to type your details directly into it and then sending it to your printer. You can download your free LEGO zombie ticket invitations below!


FREE Printable LEGO Zombie Ticket Invitations


File Size: 1.37 MB
Format: PDF

What paper is best for the  LEGO zombie invitations?

To make durable LEGO zombie ticket invitations I recommend using a white cardstock paper. Using a cardstock gives you that more authentic ticket feel.

What can I use to cut my LEGO zombie invitations?

Scissors work just fine but with printing and cutting your free LEGO zombie invitations and lots of my other free halloween printables a paper cutter comes in handy! It will make quick work of all those straight cuts. It is also helpful because you can cut more than one piece of paper at a time. We have a couple different paper cutters for all our free printables :)

Don’t forget zombies party supplies!

To complete your LEGO zombie party, check out these fun zombie toy and party supplies! Plates, cups, napkins, etc., decorated with fun and creepy zombies designs will help tie together your party theme! Another great idea is to look at all the Lego zombie minifigures here.

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