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Here is a free set of printable Halloween themed LEGO Zombie posters. Use them for decorating on Halloween and Halloween Parties! These Halloween posters have silhouetted LEGO zombie minifigures creepily wandering toward you. The posters say “Happy Halloween” and come in 3 different colors.

These LEGO Zombie poster printables are approximately 8 x 10.5 inches and optimized to print on letter sized paper, however these PDFs were created from a vector source and could be printed much larger such as poster size if you are lucky enough to have a larger printer. The top border of the poster has extra large edge if you want to fold and hang on string like a banner much like my other Halloween banners. Great for a LEGO Zombie fan, Halloween lover or getting in touch with your inner LEGO minifigure on Halloween. Download your free printable Halloween LEGO Zombie themed poster below!


FREE Printable Halloween LEGO Zombie Posters


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Format: PDF

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