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Hey Zootopia fans! Here is a FREE printable Zootopia water bottle label set is in PDF format. This free printable has some of the main Characters from the Zootopia Movie. Cut out and use them for Zootopia party, Kids birthday, zoo party, animal party, decorations, or just for a fun water bottle label for your kids lunches. The PDF prints 3 Zootopia themed water bottle labels on 8.5 x 11 standard letter size paper and will fit most regular sized water bottles. These labels have Officer Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde the fox and Flash the sloth. I have to tell you that Flash is my favorite character. It is so funny to watch all his funny expressions in slow motion! There is also one label that has the Zootopia logo.

This printable comes with crop marks to make cutting out your Zootopia water bottle labels easier! I recommend using glue or tape to stick your labels on the bottles. You can download your free Zootopia water bottle labels below.

FREE Printable Zootopia Water Bottle Labels

File Size: 881 KB
Format: PDF

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