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FREE Printable chalkboard Christmas Cupcake Toppers

Happy Holidays! Free decorations are the best! Here are some free printable Christmas cupcake toppers that are done in a chalkboard style with red and white borders. Christmas loves cupcakes and other sweets. These cupcake toppers have 4 different Christmas design variations. There’silhouettes of Christmas trees and snowflakes on two different border colors. The borders kind of remind

FREE Printable Christmas Elf Movie Quote Chalkboard Art

Do you eat from the four food groups? Well the Christmas elf food groups, that is! This is free printable Christmas chalkboard style art that is themed with a quote and decorations from the Christmas movie “Elf”.  This quote is from Will Ferrell who plays the Elf and the quote says “We elves try to

FREE Printable Christmas Santa Chalkboard Art

Show your Christmas spirit with this fun and free printable. This is free printable Christmas chalkboard style art that says “This house believes”. In the middle of the picture is the silhouette of Santa in his sleigh with eight reindeer flying through the night sky. Great for inspiring the hearts and imaginations of your kids