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Show your Christmas spirit with this fun and free printable. This is free printable Christmas chalkboard style art that says “This house believes”. In the middle of the picture is the silhouette of Santa in his sleigh with eight reindeer flying through the night sky. Great for inspiring the hearts and imaginations of your kids and building the excitement for magic of Christmas. We printed this and then purchased an inexpensive unfinished wood frame from our local craft store. After decorating the frame with a little acrylic paint the finished product looks great as a Christmas decoration that we can bring out every year.

This free Christmas art is available in high resolution JPEG format at 8 x 10 inches and will print on standard letter sized paper. Print, cut out, and frame for some decorative wall art in the kitchen or around the house during Christmas. You can download your free Christmas chalkboard art below.

FREE Printable Christmas Santa Chalkboard Art

File Size: 1.65 MB
Format: JPEG

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