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FREE Printable Pokémon Pikachu Bookmarks

If you have Pokémon fans in the house, what better way to get them to read than these Free printable Pikachu bookmarks. They help make reading more fun. I remember getting fun bookmarks in elementary school and that always got me excited to read a book. These Pikachu themed bookmarks also work great as party favors.

FREE Printable Pokémon Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is a free printable Pokémon Valentine pack that includes 4 different Pokémon. These include Bulbasaur, Charmander, Clefairy and Pikachu. These Pokémon valentines have fun messages that match the Pokémon characters decorating them. Such messages as “You my heart on fire Valentine” with Charmander and “You’re fairy special Valentine”. Cut them out

FREE Printable Halloween Pokémon Poster

Here is a free set of printable Halloween themed Pokémon poster. Use it for decorated on halloween, wallpapers, scrapbooking, or a Halloween Party! This Halloween poster has pikachu celebrating Halloween wearing a candy corn hat and sitting in pool of giant candy corn pieces. Also there are cute pikachu-faced jack-o-lanterns along with “Happy Halloween text.

FREE Printable Pokémon Candy Bar Wrappers

Make your Pokémon Go party sweet with these free regular sized printable Pokémon candy bar wrappers! These free wrappers fit onto 1.55- 1.75 oz Hershey’s bars or similar sized candy bars. If you want a slightly healthier option, try them on something like a cliff bar, that is what I used them on. A really great

FREE Printable Pokémon Maze

Help the Pokémon Trainer Ash find the Pokémon by navigating the maze! This is a fun printable Maze activity for kids done in a Pokémon theme. By making your way through this maze you help the Pokémon trainer find the Pokémon, like in Pokémon Go! This works great as a school activity or a printable

FREE Printable Pokémon Popcorn Box

Hey there Pokémon trainers and Pokémon go fans! Here is a free printable Pokémon popcorn box for your Pokémon movie night or Pikachu party. These are fun to print and create for a birthday or use them when your trainers watch a movie together. You could even take them out at a picnic at the park when

FREE Printable Pokémon Pikachu Treat Box

Here is a FREE printable Pokémon Pikachu treat box for your upcoming Pokémon Go party. This treat box looks like a cute little pikachu species of Pokémon. These work great for holding candy, small Pokémon themed trinkets like a key chain, small toy figure or other party favors. There is a really great deal here

FREE Printable Pokémon Thank You Card

If you had a Pokémon party recently, surely you want a way to say thank you to all your visiting trainers. Here is a Free Printable Pokémon themed thank you card. This thank you card is themed with Pikachu and a Poké ball and  “Thank you”. Use it for birthdays, parties and any time you