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We love minecraft in our house! I made this is free printable Minecraft for my kids to play with. It works money for putting in party favor bags, giving to kids to pretend with, or using to teach kids about money.

This free printable Minecraft money is in JPEG format for easy printing. The JPEG download prints 6 Minecraft dollars (with a coin value) on 8.5 x 11 standard letter size paper.

Each bill has custom serial numbers, symbols, pixel style text and a fun Minecraft character in the presidents space. There is Steve one dollar bills, a creeper on fives and Alex on tens. Each having different colors, serial numbers and information related to the amount of money. When I designed these I really liked how the pixels near the edges of the bills came out.

Kids can use these along with my other printable play money to open their pretend shops and sell fake food, candy and toys. These also work great as party of a general game party theme. Just print these out and let your kids imaginations go wild. Make learning currency fun for your children. You can download your free printable Minecraft play money below.

FREE Printable Minecraft Play Money


File Size: 1.29 MB
Format: JPG

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